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We seek investment opportunities with innovative businesses that have the power to be disruptive in their markets. We aim to partner with management teams that have proven successes, business maturity, and extensive knowledge of their industries. And ultimately, we look to become a part of projects where we know we can add value.  

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  • Renewable Energy
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Health & Wellness
  • Technology
  • Natural Resources
  • Entertainment

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Investment + Financing

We’ve invested and co-invested more than $100 million in emerging companies. We understand the importance of securing sufficient capital to grow your business. Our network and positive track record in the capital markets provides our clients with access to high net-worth investors, funds, fund managers and family offices.

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Additional Services

Mergers + Acquisitions

Our team has advised on a diverse portfolio of successful mergers, acquisitions, and divestiture transactions on behalf of privately held and publicly traded clients across various sectors. Our team can assist in assessing opportunities, engaging targets, evaluating deals and ensuring fair transactions.

Business Development

We help our partners develop and implement systems for strategic growth. Our team has extensive experience in designing custom blueprints for building market awareness, cultivating new market opportunities, and executing strategies for maintaining long-term value.

IPO/Reverse Take Over

We have extensive experience in the purchase and restructuring of distressed assets and public companies. We’ve helped numerous companies through the entire IPO/RTO process, allowing them to become re-capitalized with a strategic shareholder base and the right management for moving forward. This has included guidance through finding and purchasing assets that are better suited for the companies long-term growth.

Consulting + Advisory

SSIG has a commitment to providing clear and candid advice on corporate initiatives, transaction assessments, corporate & financial restructuring, and various other exchange-related issues. We provide ongoing support for our partners as well as being frequently retained to provide consultative services for a diversity of stand-alone scenarios.

Investment Portfolio

Companies that
disrupt markets

We invest in companies from a diversity of industries that operate across a spectrum of maturity.

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