SSIG has the versatility to

Support a wide variety
of investment opportunities

We can tailor how we structure our capital to best fit the needs of the business. Our investment interests are focused primarily in the Health & Wellness, Mining, Technology, Life Sciences, Entertainment and Better-For-You Brands sectors. 

We aim to partner with management teams that have proven successes, business maturity, and extensive knowledge of their industries. And ultimately, we look to become a part of projects where we know we can add value.

Our core principles

investment criteria

We believe in structuring our investments on great leadership, unique value propositions, compelling brands, and clear paths to liquidity. 


Investment Ranges

Starting at

Up to

Great Leadership

We seek founders with an unwavering belief in their ability to execute their vision and teams with proven business maturity. 

Unique Proposition

Your business is capitalizing on a unique opportunity or your product is providing a distinct solution for your customers. 

Compelling Brand Identity

We partner with companies who have strong brand identities. They understand the value of aesthetic and are able to connect deeply with a core audience of consumers. 

Clear path to Liquidity

We seek companies with attractive capital structures that are engaged in markets with substantial growth and M&A activity. 

Formula for a successful brand

vision + strategy
+ design

A successful brand is built on the foundation of a powerful vision, a management team that has the ability to craft and execute effective strategies, and robust design elements that communicate deeply with a core audience.  

True Capital


We’re not armchair investors. At SSIG, we strive to be more than just capital providers, we want to be true partners. That means choosing to engage where we know we can add value and rolling up our sleeves to build companies alongside management.

Seed Stage Capital

We love founders with ambitious business ideas and we understand that they need support to properly execute their visions. That’s why we invest in seed stage companies, helping them build solid foundations so the only thing entrepreneurs need to focus on is growing their business.

Early & Expansion Stage Capital

We’ve worked with many companies that are on a path to success but could use a helping hand to get to the next level. Whether that be financing, leveraging key contacts, brand strategy, or various operations support, we can tailor our services to help entrepreneurs where they need it most.

Our Services

business solutions

We’re more than just capital providers. We’re a complete team of experts that help you with strategy, execution, market intelligence, business development, and corporate finance.

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