Fairfield, CA., April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MetaWorks Platforms, Inc. (“MetaWorks” or the “Company”), (OTCQB: MWRK), an award-winning future technology company that operates in the Web3, AI and GreenTech space, today announced that it has signed a Binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to secure exclusive development rights in 4 US States to build out an innovative energy conversion technology developed by Fogdog Energy. The new technology is ready for the market and capable of transforming municipal waste and other sources into clean energy, carbon credits, and graphite. Certain terms and conditions will need to be met by MetaWorks to acquire and maintain these exclusive development rights as per the LOI.

At the current rate of trash accumulation (about 3000 tons of trash per day), Landfills are projected to fill up by 2040 and sooner in some places. Given that every 15.5 hours. Americans throw out enough plastic to fill the Dallas Cowboys home field (the largest NFL stadium in the country), it’s no wonder that seven states are projected to run out of landfill space over the next five years, and that the entire United States is expected to run out of existing land-fill space in the next 60 years.

“Expanding this partnership marks a significant milestone for MetaWorks Platforms as we continue our mission to create sustainable, profitable solutions that leverage advanced technology for a better future.” said Scott Gallagher, President of MetaWorks Platforms, Inc. “The convergence of the rise of electric cars and technologies like Blockchain and AI have only accelerated the energy problem. By acquiring exclusive development rights for these key markets of Florida, North and South Carolina and Oklahoma, we have positioned MetaWorks to potentially begin driving significant and profitable revenue by the fourth quarter of this year. We’ll release more information in the near term regarding our plans to secure actual locations in these markets.”

In March of 2024 MetaWorks reported that it had converted a $400,000 loan issued in 2021 and $46,071 of interest into an 11% ownership stake in Canadian energy firm Fogdog Energy Solutions.

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