High x Design

TrueToke is a private company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that looks to become one of the pre-eminent brands of recreational cannabis products and accessories across North America. The Company’s ethos is to create compelling and highly functional design-forward cannabis accessories for the modern cannabis consumer.  

Minimalist design
Inspired by fashion & culture

TrueToke draws inspiration from minimalist design, fashion, and contemporary culture to create products like their flagship original one-hitters & blunt-hitters, premium grinders, carry collection, and other coveted accessories.

Designed with purpose
and intention

Creating pieces that are designed with purpose and intention has been central to the ethos of the brand. This has ultimately been instrumental in allowing TrueToke to connect with modern consumers who are looking for functional products that are more aesthetically suited to their personal styles.

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headquartered in vancouver, canada

The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and was successfully acquired from SSIG by a publicly traded company in 2020.